Canada Day

N ot today. It just happened that I read two stories from Canada today.

First, there is the (rather) long article by Margaret Munro about Canadian government silencing scientists from talking with journalists about a report that could help explain the crashing of salmon stocks off the West Coast. There is a controversy and lack of transparency as to why the Council Office would stop the taxpayers-funded scientists to talk about their findings. The most possible theory I get from the article and its comments is lobbying efforts by the fish farming industry. The scientists team could possibly link the mysterious killing of fish by a virus associated with leukemia, transmitted from farm fish.

As for the second story, I still cannot decide whether it is funny, sad, ridiculous or absurd.  When I read Leo Hickman’s post on the Guardian’s Environment Blog, I was hoping he might be joking. Indeed, the young neoconservative Alykhan Velshi has created the unbelievable site: a world of dichotomy for the ethical Canadian tar-sands oil and the conflict oil of the “muslim world.” The campaign ads say it all:

An advert from

An advert from

An advert from

An advert from

(I have to admit that, unfortunately, the concept and design of the ads are rather ingenious. What a shame that talent is wasted this way…)



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